Eiheiji Town – “In Praise of Zen” inaugural exhibition of the Tatami Museum of Art in Fukui prefecture, Japan. Nov 14th-30th.

Paula’s art was exhibited in the “In Praise of Zen” on the inaugural exhibition of the Tatami Museum of Art, in Eiheiji town, the home of Japanese Zen Buddhism, from November 14–30, 2021.
The exhibition presented the work of seventeen artists exploring their interpretation Zen.
The word Zen is now used all over the world. It is interpreted in various ways and in many contexts. Viewers were invited in this exhibition to consider what Zen means to them personally through interacting with the art of these seventeen individuals.
The artists represented in this exhibition came from twelve countries and five continents who work in various mediums. Renowned international artists were included, as well as young artists presenting their work for the first time. Our aim has been to remind the viewer that art is universal; that it comes from a basic human instinct. The same can be said for Zen.
Everett Kennedy Brown
Executive Producer of the Tatami Museum of Art