Paula Pietranera

about paula pietranera.

Born in 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paula graduated as an architect and later specialized in historical building conservation and restoration. During her studies, she felt a deep spiritual connection to Asian arts which led her to study sumié, origami and calligraphy in Argentina, Japan and the United States. When living in Japan in 2015, she discovered the renzuru origami technique for which she trained with the master Mizuho Tomita in Kyoto. During the last few years, she’s been exploring ways in which this traditional paper folding technique can be an expressive medium of fine artwork. Her creations have been exhibited in Argentina, Japan and the USA.

Paula currently lives as a resident at the San Francisco Zen Center.


“Paula Pietranera has reinvented Renzuru into a highly sophisticated contemporary art form that goes beyond folk art in both style and content.”
Dr. Mark Levy
Professor Emeritus of Art History, California State University.

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