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Paula Pietranera Exhibition

Paula Pietranera – Connection in Emptiness The Japan Information and Cultural Center at the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco is proud to present the exhibit “縁 – Connection in Emptiness” from August 16 through December 3, 2021. This exhibit features the artwork of Paula Pietranera, an artist living in San Francisco. Hundreds of connected paper cranes that fly together. Hundreds of plum blossoms sharing the same branch. All are part of a whole, created by emptiness. Inspired by

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Paula Pietranera - The Paper

The Wish Collector By Paula Pietranera Living a Zen life, Paula Pietranera delves in the richness and limitations of a single piece of paper to interpret the lights and shadows of the current times. An artist interested in origami techniques, Paula finds inspiration in the reductive approach of an ancient Japanese craft called renzuru, using cranes as a subtle language akin to Phillip Glass’ minimalist musical compositions. Every day she lays many cranes on a flat surface for a purpose.

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Paula Pietranera - Revista Positiva

(READ IN ENGLISH) “ESTAMOS TODOS PLEGANDO NUESTRA VIDA DE UNA MANERA SIMILAR” Nació al inicio de la pandemia, desde la motivación de conectarme con la gente, dada la dificultad de exponer y de mostrar mi trabajo. Empecé con este plan de doblar 1000 grullas a partir de un solo papel a través de una técnica que se llama Renzuru. Entonces, se me ocurrió pedir a la gente que me mandara sus deseos. Me tomó nueve meses recolectarlos y plegarlos. Recibí

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